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METROARCHAEO 2017 TENTATIVE PROGRAMME(Programme updted October 21)

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The word metrology has a long tradition, deriving from the Greek word for measure. The knowledge about anything is complete only when it can be expressed in numbers and something is known about it. Measurements play a fundamental role in every field of investigation and present day scientific and technological progress has resulted from progress in the field of measurements.
Metrology, the science of measurements, includes all aspects both theoretical and practical with reference to measurements, whatever their uncertainty, and in whatever fields of science or technology they occur. Consequently the field of valorisation, characterisation and preservation of Cultural Heritage too is deeply related to the metrological issues for the collection, interpretation and validation of data collected with the different analytical, physical-chemical, mechanical techniques, digital technologies, new ICT tools, etc…
METROARCHAEO2017 wants to gather together Heritage scientists in universities, research institutions, museums, galleries, libraries, archives, small and medium enterprises.
The conference program is conceived to foster exchanges of ideas and information, make connections and collaborations, update innovation on “measurements” suitable for Cultural Heritage among material scientists, chemists, physicists, engineers, archaeologists, conservators, restorers, etc..
Examples of technologies that may be object of presentations are indicated below.
Accurate and appropriate measured survey and imaging data is a fundamental requirement for the effective conservation, management and understanding of our cultural heritage. Such data that need to be cost-effective and sensitive to the nature of the site and any interventions proposed may be considered.
Archaeogeophysic methods represent a range of non-invasive surveying with geophysical techniques, as GPR, Geoelectric, EM, Geomagnetic, Gravity, Seismic, which can highlight the buried contrasts between subsurface features and human activity, may be considered, as well as Geoarchaeology, the 'earth-science' approach to archaeological interpretation.
Measurements deriving from the large number of analytical methodologies and tools, molecular and elemental spectroscopic techniques, chemometrics, chemical reactivity and modeling, etc., nowadays available are of interest for the conference. Data on the impacts of natural and anthropogenic environmental stressors, the decaying pathways of the different materials in the surrounding environment, the development of new remediation processes as cleaning, consolidation, rehabilitation, etc., based on the chemical knowledge can be considered.
Summarizing, METROARCHAEO2017 is designed to profit of  a multidisciplinary approach to give to the Cultural heritage community, from archaeologists to historians, conservators, engineers, material scientists, etc… a complete picture of the measurements utilizations and data treatments with the ultimate goal of increasing knowledge on the characterization and safeguard of archaeological and historic heritage, generally addressed in sectorial conferences.






The main topics include:

  • Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
  • Methodologies, measurement techniques and data analysis
  • Sustainable methodologies and measurements for preventive conservation
  • Heritage Geomatics
  • Non-destructive techniques and testing systems for diagnostic applications
  • Ancient scientific instruments
  • Bioarchaeology and measurements for heritage food
  • Archaeometry
  • Computer Science and 3D survey

Please take into account that papers dealing with other Heritage science measurements are welcome as well.

Special sessions

Attending people are encouraged to propose Special Sessions on topics of interest, specifying the focus for the session before April 30 2017.

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Abstract submission

Authors are kindly invited to submit a one/two pages abstract, which clearly indicates the originality and relevance of the work by August 10th, 2017.

The selection of the submitted abstracts for Oral or Poster presentation is based on the review by the Technical Programme Committee.

All accepted abstracts will be published on-line on the conference web site.

Authors notification: August 30 th, 2017.

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Proceedings of IMEKO TC4 International Conference on Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage


In the case of acceptance, the Authors are encouraged to publish their work in the conference proceeding, uniquely identified by ISBN, by submitting a full paper (4-6 pages) by September 25 th, 2017. 

Only the submitted full papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

For preparation of your manuscript, please use the conference templates available on the Authors page.











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