MetroArchaeo 2024 accepts two types of paper: Full Papers (6-7 pages), or Short Abstracts (1-2 pages).


Full Papers should clearly indicates the originality of the contribution and the relevance of the work. The Full Paper should include the title of the paper, names and affiliations of the authors, an abstract, an introduction describing the nature of the problem and the state of the art in the field of interest, a description of the contribution, the results achieved and their applicability, conclusions, and references.

Full Papers will be peer reviewed and acceptance will be based on quality, originality, and relevance. When the first review process has been completed, authors receive a notification of either acceptance or rejection of the submission.
Authors of accepted Full Papers must submit the Final Paper version according to the deadline.

Final Papers will be presented at the conference (orally or as a poster) and published in the Conference Proceedings by Springer. The accepted final papers will be indexed in Scopus and/or Web of Science.

You will find the template for Full Papers in the section below ("Full Paper Templates")


Short Abstracts should mainly focus on work-in-progress, achievements of initial research, projects in early stages of development, case studies, etc. Accepted short abstracts will be presented at the conference (orally or as a poster) and collected in the Book of Abstracts (an ISBN will be assigned to it).

You will find the template for Short Abstracts in the section below ("Short Abstract Templates")

FULL PAPER Templates


The purpose of a conference template is to provide a consistent format for papers appearing in the conference proceedings. Springer provides templates for Word and LaTeX users that help structure the paper.

Accessing the Template

  Microsoft Word


Accessing the Template

  Microsoft Word

Submission of Full Papers / Short Abstracts

MetroArchaeo 2024 contributions submission and reviews will be managed through EasyChair. Please carefully follow the instructions below:

Setup an Author Account

First, you will need to set up an account (username and password) as an author.

Go to and click on "Create an account".

To create an EasyChair account you should have a valid email address and do the following.

  • pass a captcha to prove that you are not a robot;
  • fill out a simple form with your personal information;
  • follow the link we send to your email address to complete the account creation.

Full Paper / Short Abstract Submission

Go to and login with username and password you just created.

After logging in to the EasyChair website for MetroArchaeo 2024, you may click on "Make a new submission" under the role of Author.

Select the track relevant for your submission and click "Continue".

Complete the submission procedure filling out the forms "Author Information", "Title and Abstract", "Keywords" (at least three, one per line) and "Files".

Click on "Submit" to conclude.

Full Paper Review

Submitted Full Papers are evaluated by at least two (2) peer reviewers, who judge the paper according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the conference topics;
  • Quality of presentation;
  • Significance of treated topic;
  • Novelty of the given contribution.

Full Paper Acceptance and Preparation of the Final Paper

When the review process has been completed, authors receive a notification of either acceptance or rejection of the submission. If the paper has been accepted, the authors can prepare a final paper that incorporates the reviewers' suggestions.


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