Gathering and processing GPR data

Giovanni Leucci1, Paolo Papeschi2, Raffaele Persico1,3

1: Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage IBAM-CNR
2: IDSgeoradar s.r.l.
3: Telematic International University Uninettuno UTIU


In this tutorial a brief demonstration in the field will be provided. In particular, some GPR data will be gathered and in the venue of the conference and subsequently processed, in order to show the basic passages required in the most simple cases, namely a correct positioning of the data, a zero timing, possible filtering and gains, an evaluation of the propagation velocity of the medium and consequently a migration of the data in order to focus the buried targets.
Due to the limited time, the tutorial will not enter deeper details, but the users should absolutely be aware of the fact that using correctly a GPR system and processing correctly the data is a task less simple than it might seem during the proposed exercitation. There is a huge complexity of the underlying physics and there are many approximations in the performed processing. Moreover, the personal expertise of the human operator is important too, especially in complex cases. So, the users should be aware that the interpretations have to prudent and meditated.















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